Yellow Satchel


I have been looking for a sturdy, structured yellow handbag for a while, but haven’t been able to spot one at any of my favorite stores or online. Sure, there are plenty of bags, but they usually costs much more than they are worth. For me, it’s all about the harmonious balance between beautiful pieces and affordable prices. Honestly, finding beautiful items for bargain prices are rather thrilling!! Wouldn’t you agree?



So, when I saw this faux leather golden yellow trapeze satchel hiding in a corner at Forever 21, it was irresistibly, undeniably love at first sight. And then, I reminded myself, “Don’t let the looks fool ya, Masha.” Because I have been down that road before and it usually doesn’t turn out so well. Most handbags that screams instant chemistry usually falls apart within the first couple of months on me. So now, I try to hold the temptation at bay until I get a closer look at the ins and outs of the handbags before I buy.  2_2

So, I like the look. That’s a start. Then comes the hard part; digging a little deeper while checking off my must-haves. I like my handbags to be structured, yet not stiff. This bag has a flip that closes easily and secures the content inside the bag well. The golden metal closure on the flap adds an understated elegance to the bag’s overall design. I usually prefer the flap rather than the zipper, because some zippers have a tendency to break after a while. Also, the having two handles with adjustable and removable straps adds to the versatility of use and the convenience. This bag is not heavy, yet big enough to hold most of my essentials, which includes my cell phone, purse, bottle of water without losing shape. All and all, this bag sure is a win!


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