Comfort is Style

Summer means lazy sunny days, long walks in the park, yard sales and frozen ice cream at my home. A brisk hike at the park in crisp air was just the thing this morning to inspire me. Isn’t it wonderful that the nature has this amazing ability to inspire people just by being there?



I love New York City, but I do start missing the small town vibe and personal connection with people after a while. That is one of the reasons why I feel so fortunate to be living so close to the city, yet far enough that I can find a little cocoon of nature and solidarity, when in need. Staten Island is full of amazing parks and greenery, it seems worlds apart at times when comparing with it’s big brother.


I have been meaning to explore the Silver Lake Park for some time now, and so glad I made the effort today. The park was so large and beautiful, with snake-like paths, winding hills, open fields and even a lake! I felt amazingly at peace and in harmony with the serenity of the surroundings.

But, weather did get a little warm in the sun and I was so glad that I was wearing a cotton shirt today. After many years of trial and error, I have settled on cotton wear for warmer sunny days for good. In fact, I have been seeing some fabulous cotton finds during my regular visits to the mall and thrift stores this summer. And of course, I had to buy a few, because one can never go wrong with reasonably priced, beautifully designed, cotton wear.




However, when it comes to shopping, the small-town girl in me always look for the personal connection, versatility and comfort in all my pieces. I believe that each piece has their individual personalities and stories to share and the storyteller in me thrives in the opportunity. So, all of my finds have unique stories, which I can’t wait to share with you in my up-coming pairing posts. 2

I was aiming for comfort today and these Forever21 leggings were a fabulous find. It’s stretchy, comfortable and was an amazingly priced at under $5! I believe they are still available for the same price point, which I will include the link below. My shirt was an oversized cotton, which I have been living in this summer. I am always a champion of recycling and repurposing, but my adored black backpack may have seen better days. But, I love the fact that I can literally (ok, maybe not literally) pack my life in that bag and some more! Most of us are taught to feel by media that being fashionable means dressed in the latest trends while holding an in-season handbag in four-inch heels. But, I think that knowing the occasion, being flexible and prepared can also be extremely fashionable and alluring. If that means you sacrifice an inch or two in height or press on with a reliable backpack, then so be it!

Cotton Shirt: Forever21, leggings: Forever21, Hat: CC, Oxfords: Bongo, Black backpack: Old

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