Farewell, My Darling!

When speaking of end of the summer and back to school, I usually get so excited. It is the nerd in me, I try to convince myself. But in reality, we all know the truth! It is those too-good-to-pass-up, buy-it-now sales! I was in a bit of a shopping craze the last couple of days with July black Friday deals at Forever21, and Amazon Prime, which will be starting tonight, I believe. I am so ready for Amazon Prime with a short list of necessities, which includes a good pair of walking sneakers and my much awaited law school prep study guides. But, Forever 21 is a whole different story, which I hope to survive!

When speaking of back to school, one of the first things we think about are school supplies and backpacks. I have been using my black canvas backpack for about four years -almost every day- because I was addicted to its’ comfort and ease of carrying. However, all good things shall come to an end and my backpack shows some serious wear and tear on the bottom. What a great time of the year to be thinking of purchasing a new bag with all these amazing sales happening. Isn’t it? But, why does it make me so anxious when thinking of buying a new one? Am I emotionally attached to my darling backpack? Huh! I never thought of myself as the sentimental kind. I mean, it should really be so easy to replace the darn thing, right?

Please, allow me to back track.

I received it as a gift for my college acceptance about four years ago. I even remember being not too enthusiastic about this black-bulk of a bag in the beginning. The mental vision of me wearing a bright little cross-body satchel, holding a thin book or two in four inch heels (I may have been watching too many of those Korean tele dramas) didn’t quite accommodate this giant. But, oh my! What a shock!! The reality of university life was a completely different one, and most of my friends came to classes in sweats or PJs!

So, little did I know that my knock-‘em-dead heels were replaced with ever so comfortable sneakers and oxfords (I live in those darling Oxfords now) and unrealistic cross-body bag image became a thought in the past. This black backpack became my saving grace and carried as much as I was able to shove in, without a complaint in the world. Believe me, I literally did carry my life plus some, in there. It was then, slowly but surely we became friends. As the saying goes, we –my bag and I- have been through almost everything the life can through at you, including a few brutal winters in New York. I may have complained, but not my bag. Not even a sound! It really is the kind of bag that never seem to get old and becomes your friend, confidante and the partner in crime.

I seems that I am undeniably, uncharacteristically emotionally attached to my backpack and no wonder the thought of replacing it nauseates me. Do you have something that you are so attached to, that you detest the thought of parting with it?

I know that I need to move on at some point. so I braved myself to look around online to see if there were any bags that would measure up to my expectations. Sure enough, there were some fabulous bags (at least they looked amazing on screen), for budget friendly prices. I will include a few of them with their links for you to check out in my next post, in case if you are looking for a trendy, yet practical bag.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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