Fall Lust List

It is already the end of July! It is amazing how quickly the time goes by, isn’t it? It feels as if I just put away my winter wardrobe a few weeks ago. But, here we are, getting ready to go back to school and shopping for winter essentials already! In f act, there have been some amazing sales happening at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Forever21, ASOS and Urbarnog the last couple of weeks and it took all my willpower to not to go over-board.  But, it never hurts to make a list of “Things needed,” and hit the sales before they run out of the item in your size or the sales are over. I was able find some fabulous winter-must-haves to complete my winter wardrobe this year.

  1. Over the knee boots – Over the knee boots should be a staple in any girls’ wardrobe. Unlike ankle booties, over-the-knee boots can keep you cozy throughout the season (actually, I usually end up living in mine from fall to the end of spring). They are so versatile and adds texture and comfort without sacrificing style. I usually like mine with a low or flat heel and a solid grip, because I like the flexibility of walking long distances in the city without discomfort. But, if you are looking for a high heel over-the-knee, there were some amazing boots at Urbanog, especially this Liliana Suede Pointy Toe Stiletto Knee pair.
    Steve Madden Jacket at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


  2. Short faux leather jacket – I have been so into mustard and yellows this year and a short faux leather jacket in mustard color seems just the thing to have! I love color, regardless of the season and I usually do not tend to go for dark colors for winter. I find that wearing brighter colors gives me an instant mood-lift and winter chills doesn’t bother me as much.
  3. Faux leather leggings – I love the comfort and ease of any type of leggings throughout the year. But, when fall months comes around and the air starts getting colder, nothing will beat the chill of like a good pair of faux leather leggings. Black is my go-to color when it comes to faux legging, but this year Burgundy and forest green seems to vibe with my taste buds.
  4. Green military vest – Military vests are a must have in my book, particularly towards colder months of the year. They can be worn in many different ways to coordinate with ever changing weather patterns throughout the seasons and still look stylish and put together! It adds a touch of masculinity to the wardrobe and I love pairing my military vest with a striped, elbow patch sweater, leather leggings and a pair of cozy, over the knee boots!

    Charlotte Russe Utility Vest


5. Oversized Sweater– When I think of colder months, the very first images that comes to mind is me holding a mug of hot cocoa near a fire-place in a cozy oversized sweater, with a book. There’s is something so familiar, magical and holidays-like feel to cozy, oversized sweaters in winter. To me, winters wouldn’t be the same without one!

Ankle booties – Ankle booties are a fall and spring must-have and can be so versatile. Tan booties with a bit of heel usually does the trick for me. Ankle booties are fashionable, yet will protect your feet from the brisk fall air. But make sure to find a pair of booties that has a cushioned sole and fits to size, because there’s nothing like walking on uncomfortable pair of feels! The cloths and accessories that we wear should reflect our personalities, comfort level and should add to the beautiful experiences in life, not take away from them. So, whenever choosing shoes with a bit of a heel, particularly towards winter, because we all know that it is so not easy to navigate mountains of ice and snow in heels, make sure that you can walk comfortably in those babies.

ASOS Scarf

7. Scarf – Big, oversized scarves can be a life saver in the midst of winter and you are tired of being cold –all-the-time! I find it easier to cope with if I am bundled up with a big, cozy scarf and life gets much better!

8. Hat – I have always loved hats! A hat can add so much elegance to an outfit instantly! Also, don’t forget the added benefits of coverage from sun-burns and the protection from UVA rays. This forest green hat from Forever21 was a winner!

2 thoughts on “Fall Lust List

    1. Haha… Maybe you should venture out to the east coast for winter, sometime. You will definitely make good use of boots and fabulous shoe sales. Then again, Florida is beautiful all year ’round, I hear 🙂


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