As a Journalism and Media Culture student in New York City, I feel fortunate to be able to live in an environment full of diversity, vibrant colors, fashionable streets and great sales! But, most importantly, I feel grateful to be part of a community that embraces differences and strive together to overcome challenges. My style story fits right in!

As Nevus owner, I grew up constantly being challenged by traditional social concepts of ‘beauty,’ and always had a rocky relationship with seasonal styles. There were countless times where trendy, seasonal pieces left me in the dust and frustrated! But my love for beautiful textures, bold patterns and soft silks was never in question.

I believe that, it is the individual stories that gives fashion a unique personality and character and I am still in the process of discovering my style story. “Slow and steady, Masha,” I tell myself; and looking forward to filling the pages of this blog with trials, tribulations and triumphs of my style story.