How to Choose a Handbag

Trends come and go. But a good handbag can stay with you for many years to come and can be passed down through generations. While I do look for quality over quantity of the items I purchase, it is rare for me to champion the idea of spending unrealistic amounts of money on fashion related goodies. However, handbags are one of the exceptions that I would not hesitate to splurge on. I truly believe that a beautifully made handbag can make an ordinary outfit extraordinary and will add value to your wardrobe. Continue reading

Farewell, My Darling!

When speaking of end of the summer and back to school, I usually get so excited. It is the nerd in me, I try to convince myself. But in reality, we all know the truth! It is those too-good-to-pass-up, buy-it-now sales! I was in a bit of a shopping craze the last couple of days with July black Friday deals at Forever21, and Amazon Prime, which will be starting tonight, I believe. I am so ready for Amazon Prime with a short list of necessities, which includes a good pair of walking sneakers and my much awaited law school prep study guides. But, Forever 21 is a whole different story, which I hope to survive!

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Comfort is Style

Summer means lazy sunny days, long walks in the park, yard sales and frozen ice cream at my home. A brisk hike at the park in crisp air was just the thing this morning to inspire me. Isn’t it wonderful that the nature has this amazing ability to inspire people just by being there? Continue reading

Casual Comfort with a Hint of Red

Welcome my friends! I hope your weekend was full of happy surprises and daring adventures. Mine was adventurous since I was finally able to gather my thoughts and courage enough to get a start on my much-awaited blog.

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